UCAP Website Relaunch
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UCAP TF2 head into Season 16
After weeks of searching for the right players, UCAP.TF2 is back to take the win!
UCAP's New CSGO Team
Making an impact on the csgo scene
Written by Lokter , 15 months ago

After a missed week due to University started again, I'm back with the UCAP Weekly Roundup. The main news this week is the recruitment of a Uk based Counter Strike Global Offensive team, lead by Team Captain hrsh and ingame caller IV, the team shows a lot of potential and will be attending i50 under the UCAP name! Exciting times ahead with the t...

Written by Lokter , 15 months ago

It has been a very busy week here at UCAP, with a significant number of changes taking place. Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the past managers and teams who have helped make UCAP what it is today. With particular thanks to Breadknife, who constantly devoted his time and effort towards keeping UCAP afloat. From all of ...

Written by mintR , 15 months ago

After a rusty starting putting together a stable lineup the UCAP Shootmania team are on the verge of placing within the TOP3 in this weeks ESL Cup, the team put up a good fight in the semi-finals yesterday being knocked out by Esselka, Soz and Ajpen in a best of 3.

The team will be facing off against Z5 on Sunday to claim 3rd place which...

Written by mintR , 16 months ago

Well after 4 hours the first UCAP Joust Tournament is complete and winning with 3-0 in maps in a best of 5 finals against AMS, Trouble takes the win taking home the Madcatz RAT 3 Gaming Mouse. 

Both players had this to say:

AMS: Cup was very fun and intense. My match versus trouble was great even though I lost and I had a go...

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